Strong Antimalware Endpoint Security Protection

Endpoint Devices – The First Point of Attack

Not all antimalware solutions are the same


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Strong Endpoint Antivirus

Endpoint devices include: PCs, laptops, tablets, smart phones, flash drives, external storage drives, point of sale (POS) devices, bar code readers. Here are some of the reasons why OEM partners choose Bitdefender endpoint security solutions:

  • Generates additional revenue from business and consumer antimalware protection.
  • Creates new opportunities to expand into new markets.
  • Improves recurring revenue stream with existing customers by offering different licensing model.
  • Differentiates product or services with strong endpoint antimalware protection.

Rated Endpoint Antimalware Protection

Stopping malware from entering the network and infecting other systems is extremely difficult. A common method to infect a device is to install malware through the USB port, memory card slot, or CD/DVD reader. Bitdefender endpoint security offers many advantages:

  • Protects endpoints with award winning antivirus engine that scans physical devices.
  • Detects zero day or unknown threats with multi-layered antimalware security architecture.
  • Controls endpoint clients with a management console. Must license business solution.

Easy Entry Point

Though corporate security practices frown on these unauthorized devices being used on computers without consent, employees still disregard some of these security protocols. Mobile devices that easily access confidential information are prime targets for malware writers.

  • People that use mobile devices to access corporate information are easy targets for online criminals.
  • Mobile device used by the family have a higher likelihood of malicious applications being installed.
  • Often times, these endpoint devices do not have antivirus engines embedded with the product.
  • Endpoint devices do not always have the latest antimalware updates which can compromise a network.

Hiding Malware

Malware writers try to hide malware and circumvent their attack. Bitdefender is able to see or open the files and identify malware code that could be lurking in these files. Here are just some of the methods used by malicious code writers.

  • Compression utility programs shrink your file to make it smaller and more difficult to determine whether the file is malware.
  • Packers can alter malicious code by disassembling and reassembling the information to circumvent antimalware programs.
  • With over 2000 packer variations, you need an antivirus solution that can open these files without requiring a special code written for each packer variation.

Advanced Malware Protection

Advanced three-layered security model is used to protect users from malware threats. Malware writers are creating more complex malware to circumvent antivirus products and these criminals continue to develop inventive ways to hide malware. Bitdefender uses multiple security layers to identify the malware threat and will monitor files to ensure it is behaving normally. Here is some of the antimalware technologies used to protect endpoint devices.

  • First layer uses URL filtering, antispam, antiphishing, online threat detection to identify malware before it gets to the device.
  • Second layer uses heuristics, emulation, and generic signatures to identify malware that has not been seen.
  • Third layer monitors the behavior of the file and flags files that behave badly.