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According to AV-Test, there are over 220,000 malware samples captured daily. It is impossible to use signature only, local database to detect the latest malware threats. It takes time to develop a signature for malware and update partner and local databases to detect them. Multiple technologies are needed to help stem malware threats. Bitdefender cloud technology reduces malware threats in real-time. Here are just some of the reasons OEM partners choose Bitdefender:

  • Generate service revenue with antivirus cloud solutions.
  • Differentiate your product or service with antimalware products that can improve your products.
  • Expand into new markets with an online threat solutions.
  • Create new business opportunities by offering new products and services to customers.

Online Threat Detection

Bitdefender provides SDKs that checks for malicious websites, phishing activity, fraudulent links, email spam waves, bad URLs, through the Bitdefender Cloud to detect dangerous activities. Notifications can be created or sites can automatically be blocked to prevent harmful activities. There are multiple reasons why customers choose Bitdefender OEM technology to reduce online attacks, they are:

  • Uses Bitdefender antimalware cloud technology to reduce agent footprint.
  • Provides lightweight antispam technology that improves email detection and performance.
  • No need for comprehensive updating as the Bitdefender Cloud always detects the latest threats.
  • Checks URLs or IP addresses online to determine whether they are compromised or not.

Reducing Resources

Traditional antivirus technology consumed a lot of memory and processing resources. Bitdefender antimalware cloud technology can help reduce system processing load and memory requirements.

  • File scanning is offloaded to the Bitdefender Cloud.
  • Only changed or added files are sent to the Bitdefender Cloud for scanning.
  • No risk of sensitive content being sent. Only file hashes are sent to the Bitdefender Cloud.

Smaller Footprint

Some businesses and consumers want a lighter antivirus footprint, but for some companies it reduces detection rates. Using Bitdefender SDKs that leverage cloud technology have a smaller footprint or file size while maintaining strong detection rates and keeping low false positive rates.

  • For those partners that need a lighter client or agent, Bitdefender products that leverage cloud technology maybe the ideal solution for their environment.
  • Checking for malware threats in the cloud offers a partner the latest threat detection without having to update the database.