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The 8 Differences Between "Agentless" Security and BD Tools

Moving endpoints from traditional, physical systems to run on virtualized platforms is only the first step in an ongoing process. Virtualizing servers is perhaps more straightforward than desktops, but with all virtualization, the workloads that systems run need to be optimized for virtualization.


PCI DSS v3.0 Compliance

As retailers and e-commerce organizations continually examine security solutions to uphold PCI DSS requirements, they face a threat environment that is in constant change.

This solution brief describes an approach that goes beyond traditional endpoint security in physical, virtual and mobile environments, and describes how GravityZone delivers high performance in all three, without sacrificing protection and compliance needs for PCI DSS v3.0.


Virtualization Security Solutions provide a Competitive Advantage to Service Providers – IaaS, PaaS and SaaS

Service providers – IaaS , PaaS and SaaS – that have invested in virtualized infrastructure should plan to look at security as a revenue opportunity and a competitive advantage.


AWS and the use of Gaming strategies: imitation and reality

Success with public cloud computing has interesting similarities to real-time strategy games.

In those games, the key is balancing the use of resources for defense against offence. Similarly, taking advantage of public cloud means balancing rapid build-out, while not forgetting to defend your resources.


The 6 Most Important Things to Know about VDI/DaaS Security

As organizations and service providers look to virtualizing desktops and laptops, security can become a complex issue, especially if one relies on traditional security. Companies like Citrix and Amazon are building advanced management features to make VDI and DaaS affordable and usable for their customers. But the complexity behind virtualized end-user systems and endpoint security requires a different perspective on security.


Security for Virtualized Environments Running Citrix Xen

Virtualization provides organizations with many costs savings and significant business agility. Among the most efficient datacenter operators are service providers, such as Cloud Service Providers (also known as infrastructure-as-a-service) and application-as-a-service providers.


Virtualization-centric Security for VMware Environments

In an ever-evolving virtualization landscape, security and compliance remain key concerns for organizations looking to adopt cloud computing models. Current approaches to security for datacenters still rely on traditional in-guest agents that are too resource-heavy and diffi cult to manage in virtualized environments