The BOX is the Smart Security Solution for your Home network
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Security of Things
Bitdefender BOX protects your home network and all devices connected to it from malware.
What’s BOX
Advanced Threat Protection

Just like an antivirus for your home network. Not just for your computers. Everything. Once connected to the Internet, every device, even Smart TVs, smart appliances like fridges, thermostats or gaming consoles are vulnerable to malware that silently does its work.

BOX protects everything else that’s in the home: PCs, Macs, Android and iOS tablets and phones alike. Just like an antivirus for your home network.

BOX uses Bitdefender technology to keep everything safe. Even from threats that come via USB sticks or portable storage devices. Local protection uses the best antivirus technology to take care of your PC, Mac or Android. With this extra layer of protection you are safe from both online and offline threats. Install Local Protection from the BOX app and you are all set!

BOX protects PCs just like an antivirus. All Internet traffic is filtered before it reaches your PC. Install Local Protection to keep it safe from attacks via USB sticks or external hard disks. Use Private Line when away from home to stay safe.
Smart appliances
A lot of connected devices are not built with security in mind. They are vulnerable to attacks that take them over and use them to send spam or malware to other computers.
Even Macs are vulnerable to phishing or online scams. BOX takes care of these before they reach your Mac.
Smart TVs
Your TV has more functions than it used to. It connects to the Internet so it is vulnerable to the same type of attacks as a computer. Box filters Internet traffic and blocks malware before it reaches your TV.
Your iPhone or iPad is pretty safe. Not invulnerable. BOX makes sure you don’t click on malware infected ads that occasionally make their way into legitimate websites or apps.
Gaming consoles
Like many Internet connected devices, gaming consoles are also unprotected against malware attacks. BOX keeps them safe so your gaming experience is unaffected.
BOX scans your installed apps and traffic to make sure your Android phone or tablet.
Smart thermostats bring a lot of convenience and savings. They hold a lot of information about your habits and your home and are connected to the Internet. BOX keeps them safe.
Management and Control
You can use the smart phone app to remotely install OS updates, identify vulnerabilities or system issues, make performance improvements and tune-ups, control mobile data roaming on family devices. All available in one app, at your fingertips, anywhere you are.
Private Line

The BOX protects your mobile devices so you can use Wi-Fi hotspots without being vulnerable to viruses, hackers and privacy thieves even when away from home. By enabling Private Line on your mobile devices you keep your Internet traffic safe and anonymous at the same time.

Due to manufacturer restrictions, some features are available only for certain operating systems.

Private Line may not work on some mobile operator networks. Private line traffic is subject to our fair usage policy rules.

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Setup your Bitdefender BOX
  • Automatic mode
  • Manual mode
  • Bridge mode
Automatic mode

Connect the BOX to your Wi-Fi router’s LAN port and use the app to start the setup. For a number of router brands and model the process is fully automated. All you need to have at hand is the router admin username and password. A couple of steps and you’re all done!

Unsupported router models

Call 0800 804 4602 to get FREE Expert Setup assistance from one of our certified engineers

Manual mode

Some Wi-Fi routers require an additional step in the set up process. We call this the manual mode. Connect the BOX to the router’s LAN port and start the setup from the app. At one point you will be prompted to open the router’s admin interface. Open it a browser and disable the DHCP on your router. Finish the process via the BOX app. If you need assistance, our free support is available 24/7.

Unsupported router models

Call 0800 804 4602 to get FREE Expert Setup assistance from one of our certified engineers

Bridge mode

Some Wi-Fi routers like Apple’s Airport Extreme, Express or Time Capsule need to be set up in a different way. Connect the Ethernet cable provided by your ISP to the WAN port of the BOX. Use the app to set it up then follow instructions to put your router in bridge mode. That’s it!

Unsupported router models

Call 0800 804 4602 to get FREE Expert Setup assistance from one of our certified engineers

Use Bitdefender BOX on your mobile device
To set up and use the BOX you will need an Android or iOS mobile phone. Your phone is always with you so having an app for the BOX is only natural. So now you can manage your devices even when you’re away from home.
Android: Google Play
IOS: App Store

Get the Bitdefender BOX app on Google Play or the App Store.

Bitdefender Box Specifications
3.5 x 3.5 x 1.1 in
390 g./13.75 oz
Configuration apps
iOS, Android
100 Mbit/s
Ethernet cable
USB cable
Power supply
User guide
Some Wi-Fi router brands and models support the automatic setup. The other routers require the manual setup. Apple Airport and Time Capsule routers are required to be set up in "bridge mode".
Unsupported router models

The setup process requires access to the DHCP settings on your router. Some ISPs restrict access to this feature or require changes to your monthly plan. IP reservations and port forwarding are currently not supported. Existing settings on your router will not function.

Get the BOX
One year of service included.
After that the service will cost $99/year
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Currently available only in the US.